Pickles and Bananas: Our messy relationship with technology, and simple meditation to unlock change

I have a theory that we’ve got ourselves into a pickle when it comes to using our devices; a dead-end of interaction. I think we’ve actually talked ourselves into having slow, busy sites that overwhelm us when we load them up. It’s as if we need more complex content and visual bang-whizzery to justify the cost and innovation that goes into a new phone, tablet or laptop. “Technological fulfilment” - like needing to run the latest game on the newest hardware, just because we can. [Read More]

Escaping the White-Male Monoculture of Technology: 3 Thoughts

TL;DR: The technology we have now isn’t an inevitable state of affairs, but has come from a long-term series of cultural choices. We still see short-term profit as the main aim of technology, which discourages other cultural views, lifestyles and priorities within the sector. But we can think about technology in terms of people more, and take active steps to break out of a monocultural loop. This post is a set of personal reflections and follow-on thoughts following a fascinating workshop session. [Read More]

Linkthoughts 2022-02-23

The emptiness of the text editor gives rise to the first sentence. Soon, punctuation arrives, alongside the first typo. Squiggles give way to semantics, indentations form ideas. I glide across the editor like an ice skater. Yesterday, a very interesting talk on zero waste web design. A picture of a pony leads to a comment about brutalist web design leads to a link to this slide deck: IT WAS NEVER ABOUT LEARNING TO CODE by F Okoye. [Read More]

Optimising Wordpress on an Old Raspberry Pi

Optimising the 6work Wordpress Site on a 2014 Raspberry Pi Today, I spent a nice gentle couple of hours optimising my weeknotes blog at 6work.exmosis.net. For context, here’s the server it runs on: I’ve looked into optimisation for it before, as the Pi was falling over whenever I posted a link to Mastodon - decentralised networks are great, but each federated server was also requesting a copy of the site, effectively DDoSing myself with a single post. [Read More]


Obligatory “FRIST PSOT” post. I have been largely following this tutorial so far, and things have been mostly fairly smooth. My own approach has been: Install hugo via snap, as I’m on Ubuntu 21.10 (snap install hugo --channel=extended) Run through the new site setup to create a new directory Set up a new github repo and clone it Copy the new site files into the git repo and push Clone the beautifulhugo theme as a submodule, as suggested (glad I had all that submodule wrangling before now, aren’t I, eh, eh? [Read More]